A Will is a legal document that declares your intentions as to what should happen to the distribution of your assets, on death.  These assets typically include real estate, money, investments, jewellery, vehicles and personal or household belonging that you own, and they can be bequeathed to individuals, families or institutions, either in part or as a whole.  A Will can also be used to specify other wishes including the appointment of temporary and permanent long-term guardians for children, contributions to charitable causes and specifying funeral arrangements.

For those that have assets in the UAE there is a simple reason to make a Will.  The Government of Dubai official website states that ‘The UAE courts will adhere to Sharia law in any situation where there is no will in place’.

UAE Wills
At Oneworld MidEast of utmost importance is to secure our client’s assets in the GCC region as well as worldwide interests.  This is why we have ensured the development of the right people and contacts with the necessary expertise to put in place measures that will ensure the security of our client’s assets and put in place a succession plan as required to ensure the succession of monetary a well as non-monetary interests such as guardianship.

Until recently the only way to register a will was through the UAE courts.  We can assist to draft and finalise a regional or worldwide will and then made the necessary arrangements to submit, register and execute the will in the UAE courts.  Our office will take care of every step of the process and escort clients to the courts for the execution. Our office has registered a number of wills with the DIFC courts for clients.  It is easy and straight forward and can be prepared and executed in 1-2 days.  An Arabic legal translation of the will is also required to be submitted with the UAE courts.

DIFC Wills
DIFC wills and probate has been set up in the past two years registering wills for non-Muslim expats as well as foreign investors who do not reside in the UAE.  The DIFC wills registration is possible as the DIFC has its own set of laws, following UK common law which is overseen by the DIFC Courts.  In the first 1-2 years the registration of a DIFC will was not a popular choice as it was untested as well as expensive which limited the expat demographic who would be able to use the service.

From this year their service and pricing made it feasible to appeal to a wider demographic and is being offered as an option for all our clients.  We have seen an increased interest of expats from both the East and West registering wills with the DIFC.  It is important that all documents are executed in English and under the UK common law that is being practiced by many Ex Common Wealth countries such as the India Pakistan and Australia.

FEES & Charges

UAE Will
  • Government Fee: 200 USD
  • Arabic Translation Fee: 150 USD
  • Our fee: from 800 USD

  • Government Fee: 2750 USD
  • Our Fee from: 800 USD 
Succession planning
Oneworld MidEast and our seasoned professionals will also be able to advise on worldwide succession planning and more complex options such as the set up of International Company Structures, International Trusts and Foundations in order to set up a Corporate or family succession plan in confidence.

For any further information regarding UAE wills and succession planning please contact our office or click here to raise an online enquiry.

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